A selection of books that inspire me. I enjoy reading artist profiles: learning more about the artist, how they work and, of course viewing the images.

Abstract Impressionism,
Michael Auping (Thames & Hudson 1987)

Brice Marden Drawings,
Janie C. Lee (Whitney Museum 1999)

Mark Rothko – The Works on Canvas,
David Anfam (University Press 1998)

Robert Motherwell – Early Collages,
Susan Davidson (Guggenheim Museum 2013)

Murray Bail (QLD Art Gallery 1994)

Nicholas de Stael,
Exhibition Catalogue/Monograph (Centre Pompidou 2003)

Francis Davison,
Andrew Lambirth (Sansom & Company 2013)

Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967,
Dominic Molon (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago 2007)

Willem de Kooning – A Way of Living,
Judith Zilczer (Phaidon 2014)

The Jean-Michel Basquiat Show,
Gianni Mercurio & Glenn O’Brien (Skira 2007)